i want to lie in bed with you again and share stories that we have never told anyone, i want to roll over in my sleep and cuddle in to you, i want to feel your skin on my skin. 


Didn’t think it was possible to miss someone this much, horrible being in bed on me own.

Anonymous: what time do you get up in the morning?


As late as I can


Tumblr is lethal at night, it’s like it reminds you of all your demons in your closet, things you don’t wanna think about. How sad you are, how lonely and how insecure. All that mixed with a lot of food porn and naked people omg


trust no-one ey, snakes

I hope
you never
regret me.
― 5:00 p.m. (Please don’t ever think of me as a mistake)

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do you ever get a text and think “nah” and go back to whatever you’re doing

Anonymous: Hey! Many times you reblog things like wishing there was someone who treated you in a special way, or who accepted you for who you are, etc. I'm just curious, isn't that person Lee? I feel exactly as you do but I don't have anyone by my side as you do. Best xx

we’re working on things a lot and tbh we both struggle to admit how we feel and i’m a very insecure person so if i don’t get constant reassurance i doubt everything which is so stupid and annoying and i hate it but i want so desperately for it to be him if that even makes sense idk

Anonymous: Aren't you in love with Lee? What happened?

just because i’m not in love with lee doesn’t mean i don’t love him

Anonymous: Did you get the new hamburgs

nah dno if I’m too keen on them now like I’m one for coordinating shoes with tops n have no idea what to wear em with, think ima just get some spezials or the white n blue hamburgs if I can


I don’t need a perfect relationship. I just need someone who won’t give up on me.



do you have a friend who’s usually a sweetheart but when they’re angry they’re the creepiest and the most cruel motherfucker you ever saw in your whole life

i am that friend

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