ho ho horny 24/7

i just want someone to love me regardless of how annoying i am

jamie--strachan: Message me if you want someone to speak to.. I'm Jamie!



I wanna waste my summer nights with you.

Anonymous: this my wrecked head here i was seeing the same girl for 4 years and last year she kissed someone else we broke up and everyone said more happend and i didnt believe them we got back she kept saying she wanted to move in so she kept asking and then one night she text me while i was sleeping (id only seen her 5 hours before as she had been staying at mine) saying "I love you so much, i need you never leave" to one a few hours later saying she had slept with someone else and now shes a whore? WTF?

classic case of guilt that

i’m best off alone, that way i can’t hurt anyone and i don’t have to deal with the responsibility of someone else’s happiness

dno what to think anymore, heads a wreck

don’t know what’s going on in my head anymore, want to talk to someone about all the stuff i’ve bottled up but there’s so many mixed emotions even i can’t make sense of it

go anon and say whatever you’d like to me.

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